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Overheating is a common occurrence with the SST when driven hard. ClubSpec SST Cooler Bracket Kit helps to improve that by using a high quality, larger capacity Derale cooler* with a fan*. This helps to keep transmission temperatures at an acceptable level and keep the “slow down” warning from coming on when pushing your SST to the limit. The ClubSpec SST Cooler Bracket Kit replaces the stock Cooler in the stock location.

The ClubSpec SST Cooler Kit includes:

Aluminum brackets needed to install a 25-row radiator

Stainless steel hardware


25-row radiator


Not included: 8" electric radiator fan (can be added on for an additional fee [No electrical connection components included])

ClubSpec SST Cooler Kit

PriceFrom $450.00
  • Contact us at: for a quote.

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