The factory location of the ACD pump has been known to cause premature failure of the pump due to its direct contact with the elements. The plate inside of the pump becomes corroded and causes the pump to lose pressure and turn off. This kit allows you to move it into the trunk and keep your pump out of the elements.

Only available in black powder-coated aluminum

Only Fits 08-16 Evolution X CNC laser cut from .063 aluminum

Stainless steel hardware

350psi hoses (3) with anodized aluminum fittings

System bleeding is required after install.


Basic kit includes 25" rubber lines. This kit will allow basic relocation to the trunk. Hose connection will be made to hardlines at the stock pump location


Premium kit includes 48" nylon braided rubber hoses. This kit will allow relocation to the trunk with abrasion-resistant hoses. Hose connections will be made to hardlines near the subframe and gas tank. This will eliminate the short sections of hardline. (No updated instructions available at this time)

ClubSpec AYC/ACD pump relocation kit w/ cover for Evolution X

PriceFrom $300.00
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